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Home and business security systems in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas.

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No Contract Guarantee

We offer our services with no contracts, ever! Setting up service with Midwest Security Co. is easy and painless. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with what we offer, so there’s no need to lock you into a long-term contract. 

Midwest Security Co. offers protection for businesses and commercial properties of all sizes. Whether you need a basic system or complex, multi-site, state-of-the-art protection – we’ve got you covered.

We provide security systems designed to meet your exact needs, all starting for around a dollar a day. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our security specialists for an evaluation of your business’ needs.

Below is a list of features available with your security system:

Dedicated Cellular Connectivity

Stay protected and connected, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected, or the power goes out.

Exclusive Crash & Smash Protection

Rest assured with patented technology that protects you even if an intruder destroys your security panel.

Video Surveillance

Pick from a variety of video monitoring configurations to have real-time, anywhere access to visuals of your property.

Two-Way Emergency Voice

Communicate directly with first responders through the security panel in the event of an emergency.

Instant Awareness

Receive alerts when alarms are triggered, doors open, the power goes out, or when any other event that’s important to you occurs.

Remote Control

Arm or disarm your system, control lights, locks and thermostats no matter where you are.

Business Security Tools

Protecting your business is easy with our dedicated apps and installed hardware to create a total business security & management solution. From surveillance to temperature management to smart access control, we’ve got you covered.

 See below what business security solutions we can offer you. For an in-depth consultation, please Contact Us.

Real-Time Notifications

Our security systems give you the ability to know the status of your alarms, properties and entry points at any time. Rest assured with monitoring features such as:

  • Arming Event – The system is armed or disarmed by any given user.
  • Arming Member – The system is not armed by the time everyone has left the property.
  • Lock Activity – Receive notifications when any lock is locked or unlocked.
  • Sensor Activity – A door, window, or cabinet opens, or motion is detected.

Total Security Management

We make managing your business even easier with easy-to-use apps that monitor security, surveillance, entry access, smart energy devices and more. Stay informed on the state of your business and assets 24/7/365!

Video Monitoring

Our video and surveillance options let you configure options that suit your needs. Monitor entry points, office/retail space, warehouses and more. Plus, you can easily see multiple locations at once through our downloaded app on your smart device.

Smart Access Control

Smart access control lets you configure any point of entry for your staff, vendors, contractors, etc. Your options are unlimited with keypad entry, smart phone scanning, plus user-level access control to specific points of entry.

Intelligent Thermostat Systems

With an installed Alarm.com thermostat, you can reduce your energy bill with smart thermostats and real-time information. Protect and monitor temperature-critical controls such as refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies to give you peace of mind.

Ready for better protection?

Midwest Security Co. is here to give you peace of mind.